Reach for the Top

It is important to note that Court Painter, out of modesty, was very reluctant to  flag the recent search engine  numbers. His  insincere feeling is that artists like
Jan van Eyck ,Diego Velazquez ,Riza Abbasi and Abd as-Samad should go to the head of the line but because it is 2019  and the digital age has determined Court Painter is not too shabby, he is willing to Reach for the Top!
These screen grabs (Feb 8/2019 ) from two of the top search engines in the world Google & Bing prove that in spite of draconian working conditions, chronic non payment of commission fees, exorbitant bar bills and nasty reviews (plus other things not available to people of means) ;
The Court Painter is #5 on Google and # 2 &  #3  on Bing.
This is very helpful for Court Painter’s bragging rights at the Ship and Anchor on Open Mike Nite should he be capable of standing or allowed to speak if by chance his number gets called!
Court Painter paints something he knows nothing about.