Home Movie

Court Painter & Press Attache A Hardon MacKay undertook a home movie project just to take a break from the fumes of the painting studio.

After an exhaustive casting call, an aspiring local power couple who are experienced at posing in spite of their lacklustre careers in the performing and visual arts were willing to give the flickers a go! And go it went!

A behind the scene view of wifey & hubby about to undergo the rigours of makeup.

Unfortunately both the seniors forgot to put film in the motion picture camera and the only evidence of the shoot … a few stills from the security cameras that thankfully are ubiquitous in areas where the creatives hang out and do their thing.

This is the scene where hubby does some cool bugaloo moves while wifey  flirts with an undercover agent.

This is the scene where she tells hubby,”yes I sold all our oil stocks”.

This scene depicts where hubby is locked out of the limo and bursts into tears.

A typical beach scene of hubby painting wifey. The background scenery was hand painted by hubby.Can you spot another image of wifey in the scene?

End of shoot

C’est la vie!