Anti Solutionist Brain Trust

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Romer says carbon taxes are the solution to climate change. ‘The problem is not knowing what to do.The problem is getting a consensus to act’

Prominent members of the brain trust of anti carbon tax proponents include Jason Kenney, Leader of the United Conservative Party  ,Scott Moe Premier of Saskatchewan,Doug Ford Premier of Ontario and Andrew Scheer Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.             (Rumour has it that all have bought tickets on the Titanic 2  inaugural voyage)

Doug Ford threw in some false statements about science to make his anti carbon tax case. In the Ontario premier’s words, the federal plan to put a price on carbon pollution would drive up prices on every single good and service “because everything is made of carbon, one way or another.”

The Doug Ford statement is false. Carbon is the fifteenth most common element in the Earth’s crust; found in various living and non-living things like humans, plants, limestone, coal and water. It’s in the atmosphere as part of carbon dioxide, that make up 0.04 per cent of the gases in the air.