Daring Tourism Move

So, Halifax’s famous town clock is punching out for a few months while renovation crews transform the Citadel Hill landmark into a pagoda like architectural statement.(see Court Painter’s recent painting)

After & Before

The original historic clock tower is tiered like a cake. A rectangular slab at the base supports three octagonal levels decorated with detailed trim and Greek columns, topped with a copper dome. The architectural details are beautiful and distinct, but not always practical.
Thus after a  Google search of attractive architectural styles the pagoda beat out Big Ben.
 Court Painter’s Heroic Poster celebrating the clocktower’s new look

Inside the clock tower, which is usually closed to the public, the need for retail souvenir space became clear and  local tradespeople will be hired to produce saleable miniature cannons that will have the sound wallop of the present noon time cannon blast off Citadel Hill. Editors note: Because negotiations with Disney for the licensing is still in its infancy,no concept illustrations are available.

Court Painter Self Portrait with clocktower

The unidentified spokesperson went on to say,”Because it’s a very iconic building in Halifax, there’s a lot of interest in its transformation and why it’s so important for us to improve the esthetics of it to attract the US tourists who would love to buy a miniature cannon to add to their gun collection.

Court Painter & unidentified local singer in Halifax studio