Self Destructs

Court Painter artwork self-destructs after selling for $17 CDN

Artist’s canvas suddenly passed through shredder installed in frame

Court Painter’s artwork “Doug Freeing A Balloon”

Art prankster Court Painter has struck again.

A work by the less than elusive street smart artist self-destructed in front of startled flea market auction -goers on Friday, moments after being sold for $17 CDN

The spray-painted canvas Doug Freeing A  Balloon was sold at a flea market auction in Inglewood, fetching more than three times its pre-sale estimate of $5 and equalling a record price for the artist.

Then, as the artist shrieked on cue, it ran through a shredder embedded in the frame, emerging from the bottom in strips.

Court Painter in act of shredding

A post on Court Painter’s studio bulletin board showed the moment — and the shocked reaction of those few at the auction paying any attention — with the words “Going, going, gone…”

“It appears we just got Court Painter-ed,” said A Hardon MacKay Press Attache and Head of Publicity Stunts for Court Painter.

Photo  of boisterous ballo0n and hot air enthusiasts at auction

AHM said he was “in discussion about next steps” with the buyers, well known hobbyists and connoisseurs and Calgary’s only power couple of note. (names available upon request)

“We have not experienced this situation in the past where a painting we bought for $17 CDN. spontaneously shredded, upon achieving a record for the artist,” CC & DC said in sing songey unison. “We are busily figuring out what this means in a resale context.”

Court Painter, who is always disclosing his full identity by button holing people with his wild imaginings and tattered reproductions, began his career spray-painting bucking broncos on the sides of vans for the Calgary Stampede crowd and remains one of the world’s least-known artists.

He has a penchant for elaborate failed pranks to numerous to mention.

The recent commission Doug Freeing A  Balloon, depicts the Ontario Premier reaching up, freeing a round dark balloon containing the text of his favourite subject : Carbon Tax . When asked why a balloon, Doug replied that in discussion with Court Painter (who is a self described master of artistic symbolism), CP explained that he saw me as a metaphor about to hatch and visioned me as a populist freedom fighter captured on canvas, freeing a Carbon Tax ballon filled with hot air sourced from the depth of my lungs expended profusely without guard rails , filling the trial balloons of populist governance and stuff like that ! I was thrilled with the painting but am confused with the shredding….However I can really see doing that to my anti taxer and fellow populist freedom fighter Jason Kenney….he gets mad when you prank him…anyway as I always said to my bro Rob, Art is in the wallet of the beholder!

Editors note: Doug’s statement was edited for clarity ,brevity , flow, comprehension and word count.