Unzipped: A Condensed History of Court Painter’s Secret Life’ 

Court Painter dominates a portrait of his painter nemesis  ( name available upon request) in the library of Court Painter’s studio.

Continuing over  his lifetime, the Great Dominion’s Court Painter  is  viewed as occasionally sober, serious and competent. But when his diaries were made public after his Press Attache leaked them, the world learned that he communed with peelers and the spirit world while imbibing copious amounts of spirits, earning him the nickname “Weird Willy.”


Court Painter and his stuffed dog Stuffy

Court Painter isn’t the Great Dominions most charismatic portrait painter. Nor is he the most popular.

But he is the longest serving, holding the Court Painter studio together for 5 years. And he is a respected portraitist  — so much so that when he had a studio exhibition, close to a dozen people stood in line (in the torrential rain) to visit as he collected pennies as admission.

And then, in the 2018s, his most private thoughts began to leak into the public sphere.

Random gossip traces the transformation of the public’s knowledge and opinion of Court Painter’s character.

Thousands of pages of hand scribbled diaries, spanning many years, exposed him as an oddball and eccentric who hung out with oddballs and eccentrics— a lifelong bar fly and adorer of his stuffed  dog, he availed himself of hookers and quilters and communed with the spiritual world.

Suddenly the “master painter” earned a slew of new nicknames, including Weird Willy and the “dingbat in the Ingelwood belfry”.

The story of the diaries —and the secrets, melodrama and backroom dealings associated with Court Painter — is revealed in his Press Attaches new self published tell all booklet Unzipped, A History of Court Painter’s Secret Life.