Not So Silent Partner

The self alleged inventor of the term fake news Donald J Trump has reportedly given Ontario minister Lisa MacLeod permission to use the term fake news in Question Period or whenever it may be useful on Ontario News Now.

Ontario minister Lisa MacLeod recently called reports that she admitted to breaking a campaign promise “fake news“.

MacLeod said the decision to continue Ontario’s basic income pilot project changed after the election because of the “realities of when you’re in government.” That was reported as an admission of breaking the PC’s campaign promise not to cancel the pilot.

“We did not break a promise. That fake news that was in the news today totally mischaracterizes what we are doing,” the minister for children, community and social services said during question period at Queen’s Park.

Minister Lisa MacLeod and Premier Doug Ford gush over the portrait of self alleged inventor of the term fake news

Court Painter after another busy day in the studio