On A Tear

Press Attache has to reassemble original sketches ripped up by Court Painter

‘It became a challenge, like when you’re doing a square root problem like if 35 + 125 = 17.88, then what will be the value of 80 + 65 ?’

A Hardon MacKay  is the Court Painter’s Press Attache and  studio archivist , responsible for archiving all documents and sketches that are produced in support of the highly successful Court Painter enterprise. Unbeknownst to the public and patrons, all  masterworks of the Court Painter are initially mapped out and conceptualized in fine hand made detail  by Press Attache AHM.These preparatory works are assembled in a number of sketchbooks bound in fine pigskin from the finest of pigs.

Alas,in the last year, he spent hours taping up  sketches from these books that had been torn to pieces by the angry genius,Court Painter.



“They come in tatters,” he said, “from the back office of the Court Painter studio.”

“I try to do the best I can,” he said. “I was told not to tell the media that I was doing this.Especially Ezra Levant and The Rebel”

AHM was also a records management analyst from a bygone era and some say it was the only reason he was hired by Court Painter since His Court Eminence considers himself the dominant male in the studio pack and a communications and marketing expert; in addition to considering himself a bit of a raconteur and fashion prince.

So everything Court Painter touches, from discarded palettes , paint rags,paint tubes …all the AHM preliminary concepts and sketches of his masterworks— and even hand painted sticky notes and discarded cigarette butts — has to be inventoried under the Court Painter Studio Records Act as historical records.

The troubles began when Court Painter realized AHM truly was the brains behind the studio business and was coming up with all the painting ideas wonderfully documented and preserved in the sketch books bound in the finest pig skin from the finest of pigs and they had more street value than his finished commissions. Well kaboom! he went into a fit of rage turning this archival treasure house into scraps of paper that needed to be laboriously reassembled.

Tearing up sketches has been Court Painter’s cruel method every morning upon coming into studio, which is a clear contrast to the previous bucolic years before he realized the monetary and reputational value of his Press Attache’s highly significant preparatory documents and sketches.

At first, AHM assumed that the ripping of sketches was due to occasional fits of Court Painter distemper— brought on by lack of media coverage and poor sales ; however, it soon became clear that he was purposely and maniacally destroying sketches  behind the studio office curtain as a daily gesture of resentment and pique towards AHM.

“So, I went and bought jumbo rolls of clear scotch tape,” AHM explained in his languid speech rhythm,an artifact of  years spent spinning yarns about art world successes.

AHM said he believes that Court Painter understands that the ripped sketches will need to be archived.

However,every morning the documents and sketches continue to be torn into pieces.

“I don’t think Court Painter cares about my legacy,” AHM murmured sotto voce.


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