Feminist Dreamboat

Court Painter Reaches Peak Court Painter in His Video About Feminism

The Great Dominion’s Court Painter is a total dreamboat as far as Canadian portrait painters go. He’s almost too perfect: Much has been made of his luscious shiny dome, comfort with baby alley cats and pandas alike, and hope-y change-y art politics. He personally distributes winter jackets to other artists! He inspires fantasies with Aynd Rand!


And of course, because he is the Court Painter “I’ve recruited 2 unpaid female Studio Assistants because it’s 2015” , he blathers on about feminism whenever he gets a chance.

In a new video from Nelson Auteur www.nelsonauteur.com , Court Painter chats with somebody off camera about gender equity, clay and plaster modeling ,and being a working artist among the unwashed in Inglewood.It’s a picture of Court Painter at peak Court Painter. “I talk about the fact that I’m a feminist as often as I can, and every time I do, it gets a huge groan in my studio and the media reacts, and the Twitterverse explodes,” he says. “I will keep saying that until there are no more groans … ‘cause that’s where I want to get to. It’s just—if you’re a progressive portraitist as I am, you really should be liked by the gals ‘cause it’s about equality, it’s about respect, it’s about making sure the unpaid studio interns keep comin’.”
Court Painter & Photo op with M&M
You can almost smell the earnest goodwill dripping from his pores like maple syrup.
Court Painter makes himself out to be the progressive portraitist of the 21st century. He frets over the fact that his studio job means that he has less time to spend at the Ship & Anchor watching girl sports and placing bets with his buddies.He freaks out when he sees his Press Attache judging women in a fashion magazine and proceeds to recount stories when he to found unacceptable blemishes that offended his male gaze.
court painter & hillary
Let’s all commend the Great Dominion for having a self-aware feminist alley cat-cuddling Court Painter while we consider our future of art gazing while avoiding purchases.
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