I Am Not Worthy

Former PM Stephen Harper writing lavishly illustrated book on Court Painter’s popularity and future of conservative portraiture, sources say

Court Painter in an uncharacteristic burst of modesty has penned a foreword for the publication that tersely yet humbly states “I am not worthy.

OTTAWA — Former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper is writing a lavishly illustrated Court Painter book, several sources have told the National Post.

The book will focus on Court Painter’s painting popularity and the future of the conservative populist portrait movement spearheaded by Court Painter, according to multiple people with knowledge of the project .It is expected to grapple with the question of how to handle Court Painter’s portrait populism and take it seriously.

The book will be profusely illustrated with Court Painter images of Harper’s favourites, rendered during his later years as prime minister.

Sources suggested the book was already in the hands of a publisher and would be published this year. But a spokeswoman for Harper said she could not confirm that, saying: “there are discussions with a number of publishers about a variety of Court Painter topics that are presently being explored with Mr. Harper. It is understood Court Painter has the final say.”

The words “Court Painter portrait populism” is what many modern art curators, art critics and social media quarterbacks have seized upon to describe popular movements such as the rise of binge watching the wildly popular YouTube series “You To Can Be A Face Painter” and “Face Painter You To Can Be”.

It is the concept of “Court Painter portrait populism” that artist CC (name available upon request) has said he is fighting against by lobbying government to promote his brand of tariff free international portrait trade and multilateral image making.

Although Harper has rarely spoken publicly since his defeat in 2015, he has occasionally made his on the wrong side of history views known.

In a New York Times full-page ad this week, Harper and other former politicians praised Trump for his decision to exit a nuclear deal with Iran. “Mr. President, you are right about Iran,” said the ad, also signed by former foreign minister John Baird who took a few moments away from making money.

Harper is already a published author. In November 2013, while he was prime minister, he published a book rumoured to be about hockey called A Great Game.