Ink Slinger Dinner & A Mountain Metaphor

Court Painter took time off from paint slinging to attend an Ink Slinger Dinner in Washington DC. His attendance along with the ever present Press Attache AHM was virtually uneventful except for disruptive opportunities to gossip and tell rude jokes about you know who!

However Court Painter has gotten mixed reviews for attending the Ink Slinger Dinner and his jokes have certainly prompted journalists to speak out, debating whether the laughs went too far.

An unidentified News’ Chief  Correspondent (name withheld) said they did. He condemned Court Painter’s gossipy remarks on a Sunday network, saying it was more than just jokes about you know who.

“I think that the Court Painter crossed the line, and this went from poking fun at you know who to being mean-spirited. It was very uncomfortable.”

However, he added that Court Painter’s Press Attache A Hardon MacKay  finding himself the punchline of jokes about his press briefings, his fashion sense and his middle name, took things surprisingly well.

“I think that A Hardon MacKay handled himself very well considering what was coming his way, and I think that most people in that room were uncomfortable with the direction of the jokes, no question at all, and certainly the only thing it will do is result in probably more goodwill for A Hardon MacKay because nobody should have to sit through that,” a person close to the matter said.

During a lull in the festivities ,ever the promoter Court Painter took the opportunity to persuade a potential patron to purchase his latest metaphor!

Other than that there was nothing to report.