Security Briefing

Court Painter Accepts Liberal Offer Of Security Briefing On Invisible National Security Advisor Affair

The issue sparked an all-night booze fuelled studio party last month.

The Great Dominion’s preeminent portraitist Court Painter has accepted the Liberal government’s offer of a briefing on the National Security Advisor Daniel Jean invisibility affair, but he has some conditions.

In a statement released Tuesday by his Press Attache A Hardon MacKay, Court Painter said he told the government that he will invite his unpaid studio interns,his photogenic Press Attache and the media to attend the portion of the briefing dealing with non-classified information.

If the briefing moves to classified details, Court Painter said only the talented studio assistants who are, like him, fans of Queens last album, will stay in the room for a separate briefing.

Queen’s fan base includes current and former unpaid studio interns and other prominent Canadians, such as former governors generals or chief justices, appointed for life who covertly advised Freddy Mercury and Queen on issues of importance to Canada i.e. appropriate work clothes for the musical man. They carry the title “Honourable” for life.

Court Painter also fits the bill, as does his Press Attache, having being vetted by officials and granted certain security clearances.

Court Painter; to help put this security affair to rest, has been pushing for Daniel Jean, the prime minister’s invisible National Security adviser, to appear in his Inglewood studio for a portrait sitting . CP commented,”I can put some painterly meat on those misty bones!”

Press Attache A Hardon MacKay when pressed by reporters how this would help, merely shrugged in the style of his favourite Great Dominion Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and uttered “Just watch us, Art is not for the faint of heart.”