Naughty Bits in the News

Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti revealed she could ‘describe his genitalia’. His meaning “David Dennison aka The Donald”or vice versa!

Court Painter seizing on this revelation , invited Stormy for a quick trip to The Great White North to participate in a Naughty Bits snow drawing competition being held in Banff.

Stormy got carried away and came up with a number of  wonderfully expressive snow renderings that she swore on a stack of The Art of the Deal book covers,  described to the best of her pornographic memory  The Donald’s naughty bits.

Press Attache A Hardon MacKay worked out a deal with Stormy for permission to have the ephemeral snow drawings memorialized in painted masterworks by Court Painter which reported would eventually  be  offered to the Smithsonian Institute or The Donald’s Presidential Library for a healthy tax credit!