The Pitch

Editors Note: This marketing statement was hand written in block letters by the Court Painter with no help from Press Attache and Communications Specialist 
A Hardon MacKay.(who accepts no responsibility.Period!)

Court Painter’s Pitch

I create paintings based on what is traditionally a portraiture exploration. The representation of the client creates forms of both astonishing beauty but more importantly I am capable of plumbing to the very soul of their existence and their inner most desire. The results are beautifully made objects that simultaneously expose their often crude personalities.The pieces are both a simple exploration of residual forms derived from representation and a question regarding the merits of an Art object.

My prices are reasonable and I take Visa. Please contact my Press Attache. A.Hardon MacKay for a preliminary interview and possible appointment. He can be reached at the Banff Legion between the hours of 5 and 7 PM. Monday through Fridays. He will be the kilted one sitting alone in the Southeast corner table munching on sausage rolls , pickled eggs and leftover haggis.