Instrument of Diplomacy

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger recently has said that the temptation to launch a pre-emptive strike on North Korea    ‘is strong and the argument rational’ ; remaining  consistent  in his steadfast support for “bombing as an instrument of diplomacy.”

He recently told a meeting of the United States Senate Armed Services Committee that North Korea poses the most immediate threat to global security, arguing that denuclearization of the regime must be a ‘fundamental’ American foreign policy goal.

During his time in office, under Presidents Ford & Nixon, Kissinger had been involved in three genocides : Pol Pot’s “killing fields” in Cambodia, which would never have occurred had he not infamously ordered an illegal four-and-a-half-year bombing campaign in that country; Indonesia’s massacre in East Timor;  Pakistan’s in Bangladesh both of which he expedited and later as a vociferous public supporter of invading Iraq.

Kissinger has been credited with being the modern architect of America’s propensity for “endless war”.