Jagged Lines

Jagged Lines: Inside Court Painter’s Art World

Jagged Lines: Inside Court Painter’s Art World :written in memoire form is the summation of conflicted social reflections, unparalleled insights, raw gossip and stolen moments that lift the soiled curtain on the provocative contemporary art scene, a glamorous and cutthroat game of genius versus commerce. Lifting the curtain behind the scenes one discovers how Court Painter’s art is created, exhibited, and offered for sale around the globe as a demonstration of free enterprise at its most beautiful.

The memoire features insider accounts from the most influential and powerful players in Court Painter’s studio, including the renowned artist himself and his irrepressible Press Attache A Hardon MacKay; as well experts from prominent museums like the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), The Gopher Museum somewhere in rural Alberta and art fairs like Art Basel, insiders at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, and nattering left leaning gallerists. With tens of Bitcoins at stake, we are witness to an unattainable world where the struggle between creative expression, jealousy, petty argument and wealth has led to today’s Court Painter dizzying inner landscape and brutally honest expose.

Reviews so far have been mixed. Mostly in run on sentences, critics seem confused by an indie-spirited, artist-run portrait studio saga adapted from an experimental how to set up an art business book  particularly since it’s about a flailing  paint pusher doggedly pursuing a legitimate profitable art career, with the begrudging support of his  irrevocable media hound Press Attache who came up with the quizzer ….“The most confident studio experiment of the year that poses the question if an artist in Australia has an orgasm, does an artist in Inglewood sneeze?” But perhaps most perplexing are the reviews that are confounded by Court Painter’s clear grappling with big ideas. “His paintings are a subpar medium for the transmission of ideas,” concludes  Esquire, and  Variety,wonders, “is the studio about ideas, or is it about Court Painter who is rumoured to care about ideas and Boxing Day sales simultaneously?”

As Press Attache and deep thinker par excellence A Hardon MacKay has reminded us, we don’t seem confused by artist CC (name available upon request) grappling with ideas when those ideas come from him …just because! But Jagged Lines:Inside Court Painter’s Art World is a memoire about women’s ideas stolen and repurposed by Court Painter, a cautionary tale of how most women are discouraged from giving him ideas, and what happens when one woman blinded by lust lets Court Painter paint her out of the picture.

We may be left with the mistaken impression of Court Painter as a  tour-de-force portraitist as he transcends gender, class, nationality, and profession in a series of faux vignettes which draw upon manifestos questioning the true nature of his art as he morphs seamlessly between dark artistic personas , from a nihilistic punk to a downtrodden oil executive.Or we may not!

Jagged Lines: Inside Court Painter’s Art World blurs the lines of a conventional boring artist story and instead explores the subterranean intention behind artistic depression, outright theft and ultimately the importance of Court Painter himself.