Tale of A Dog Whistle Salesman

Court Painter & Press Attache A Hardon MacKay travelled to an unidentified southern vocation location to drum up business with one of the best gosh darn Dog Whistle sales and eye candy operations east of Eden.CP was able to pick up a bit of work lettering signs to pay for his drinks while Press Attache AHM picked up his own tab.It is hoped future commissions are in the offing since CEO’ Pudge’ and the new corporate headquarters for the dog whistle operation will be well within whistling distance of Court Painter’s bee hive of a studio in bustling downtown Inglewood.

The Dog Whistle business team

Initial tense meeting with Pudge and What’s Her Name

Pudge was asked to leave by What’s Her Name

Pudge returns as Press Attache jumps on CP merchandise sales pitch opportunity

Suitcases full of dog whistles are trundled upstairs

Pudge can’t help because he doesn’t trust CP to be alone

Pudge likes to keep the work place competitive

What’s Her Name craves attention!

What’s Her Name & Pudge pose for picture

CP & Pudge drink to future business

Pudge & the gang sing out Whistle While You Work

Pudge is seen in more casual wear with celebrity host  Mr. Glick, set up through Court Painter’s celebrity connections