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Court Painter calls the New York Times to say 1) he’s not angry 2) he’s very popular 3) he goes to work in his studio early and stays late.

Meanwhile on other related art celebrity news:

Court Painter’s Donald Trump costume gets mixed reviews


Much like the controversial politician himself, Court Painter’s decision to dress as Donald Trump for a Halloween party has received a polarizing reaction on social media. This photo, posted Monday on an Instagram account belonging to Court Painter’s Press Attache AHM, shows the art star dressed as a svelte version of U.S President Donald Trump.

A photo posted Monday on an Instagram account belonging to A Hardon MacKay Court Painter’s Press Attache shows the celebrity art star dressed as a svelte version of U.S President Donald Trump, complete with an American flag lapel pin on his dark suit and a messy blond wig.

Court Painter posed with Press Attache AHM, who was dressed as First Lady Melania Trump, and the photo received over 4,500 likes, as well as some negative comments.

The initial Instagram caption read “Making Court Painter great again,” before being edited to “Mr and Mrs Trumpus.”

“The caption is all kinds of tone deaf, specially seeing as that ‘catch phrase’ is used by Trump to promote his favourite celebrity portraitist, etc!,” said one Instagram user when criticizing the original caption.

More snarky comments on Twitter and Instagram were quick to follow.

One Twitter user posted “figures that the first time Court Painter showed even a hint of personality it would be to showcase that he’s actually a bad person,” while another wrote: “It appears Court Painter misinterpreted the metaphor of baseball as a stand in for something else!

Others were annoyed with the negative reactions to the costume

“If you are upset about Court Painter’s Halloween costume, you may be wasting energy that could be used on something, anything, that actually matters,like commissioning one of his masterworks for your own home or boardroom” wrote a user.

As for the costume itself, one Instagram commenter summed it up nicely: “Tie too short. Gut too small. Skin not orange enough. More Pulp Fiction than Fictitious (Fake) News.”

Press Attache A Hardon MacKay denied he planted that last comment.