Succinct Success Hints

1. Court Painter thinks big

In order to get his artistic product in the government halls of power and celebrity ball rooms , Press Attache A Hardon MacKay says Court Painter will do anything and risk everything to get there. This is what sets him apart from stability-preferring small art studios like CC’s.(name available upon request)


2. He doesn’t need a business plan

Well, Court Painter and his Press Attache AHM never made one when they started the Court Painter enterprise. The purpose of business plans is to propose them to investors and secure funding. Court Painter’s business partner AHM was generous enough to give this forward-thinking enterprise a $25 loan to start the studio business.

Even though Court Painter doesn’t have a business plan, he says he is driven and guided by his mission: making artistic masterpieces as convenient and affordable for politicians and celebrities at loss leader prices. “I don’t set out to say I’m going to paint 1000 portraits or open 100 studios,” says Court Painter. “If I do my mission… probably over time as long as I execute, there will be thousands of portraits and studios globally……soon! I can just feel it.”

3. The word failure is relative

“I refuse to fail, I refuse to let my Press Attache AHM down,” says Court Painter. “The word failure is relative. My definition is when my paint runs out,the commissions dry up and the studio door is padlocked.” He also says he benefitted from starting a business at a mature age because he was naive to the high failure rates in the art business and portrait industry. “My lack of experience probably helped me jump through that barrier and come out the other side smelling of roses that landed on my feet.”

4. No separation of work and life

Court Painter says he lives and breathes a grimy,no nonsense lifestyle. “I am my brand and my brand is me,” says Court Painter. “What does the Court Painter brand look like? It’s the unpaid studio assistants I work with every single day.”

5. Septuagenarians: don’t be afraid to lose your smock

Being mature with no mortgage or studio assistants salaries to take care of, with almost nothing to lose, is a rare opportunity Court Painter says. “Don’t spend your time going to art openings and especially art talks. Spend most of your time with your head down and executing the next masterpiece. I believe in launching fast, failing faster and iterating even faster.”

Press Attache A Hardon MacKay in an aside whispered ,”pay no attention to him,he gets giddy and chatty from mixing paint and nicotine fumes. However I am available for an in depth interview and photo shoot for a small fee.”