Only In Canada You Say…Pity!

Trudeau Government not looking for any site for Court Painter portrait gallery

Court Painter alongside some of the paintings that could be part of a Court Painter National Portrait gallery.

Heritage Minister says finding a site for collection not a priority….ever!

The government won’t be looking for any site for a Court Painter national portrait gallery after an intense 10 minute analysis.

The Prime Minister announced on Wednesday that he’s got better things to do.

When news first surfaced several weeks ago that a Court Painter National Gallery wasn’t even on the Liberal governments radar, advocates for the gallery including a distraught Court Painter and his disheveled Press Attache said they supported the idea and hoped the government would reconsider and find a site for the portrait collection, reportedly made up of meticulous hand rendered digital masterworks ,set in hand carved mother of pearl inlaid frames and wrapped in fine silk.

The collection is currently housed on a thumb drive in the Court Painter’s studio vault in Inglewood and is one of the largest Court Painter portrait collections anywhere in the world… bar none and without a doubt.

Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly said during a lobbying effort by Court Painter & his Press attache outside the House of Commons on Wednesday that her department was not looking for a site and,”Start ups of this kind are not part of our government’s industrial art infrastructure subsidy pork barrel initiative model program…. now or ever, period!”

“There’s presently no project for a Court Painter portrait gallery, now or ever, period! ” she repeated while closing her eyes with annoyance.

Joly explained in the government’s defence of this heartbreaker, “The collection is accessible on line. Exquisite digital collage examples of the portrait collection are sent out free of charge to random Canadians and the Court Painter hosts an occasional open house with slide shows at his tony Inglewood studio. This is more than enough,” she muttered in wide eyed annoyance!

After calming down ,the Minister went on to say,“In my opinion too many Canadians over the age of consent already have access to the collection. …however on a more conciliatory note we have great communication leadership within Court Painter’s studio especially with Press Attache A Hardon MacKay….a fine specimen of a yappy senior.”

Minister Joly presented the ‘fine specimen’ with a 150th Canada Anniversary flag which he waved enthusiastically.

Court Painter was unavailable for comment.