I am (not) Worthy

In a shocking turn of events A Hardon MacKay Press Attache to Court Painter , celebrated just yesterday as TIME’s Portrait of the Year, has just received news that his application for a month residency at the Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity, has been placed on the WAITLISTED file and only IF a space becomes available would his participation be considered.

A Hardon MacKay in a tearful Skype conversation relaying the devastating news to current business partner Court Painter, expressed dismay that his 50 years of being an art dabbler & hanger on must have been overlooked and although admittedly he has taken the last three years to fully devote to Court Painter’s career as Press Attache and Chief Strategist, “I still have a few art licks left and my years of observing Court Painter in the studio brought me to the realization that ‘that ain’t so hard’ and a month at the Banff Centre , along with adding a much needed line to my resume,would have revitalized my pictorial stratagems and linguistic wherewithal required of a contemporary studio recluse.Now it’s all for nought,”he whimpered.

Court Painter feigning sympathy responded ,”it’s best to clam up with the big words hombre however if it’s any solace remember many bar patrons look upon you as the greatest of small wits in Banff. Indeed in this respect you may be considered, as Cowley says of Pindar as “a species alone,” and as forming a class by yourself. You have arrived at the very minimum of wit, and reduced it, “by happiness or pains,” to an almost invisible point. All your bons-mots turn upon a single circumstance, the exaggerating of the merest trifles into matters of importance, or treating everything else with the utmost nonchalance and indifference, as if whatever pretended to pass beyond those limits was a bore, and disturbed the serene air of high life. As now you must treat this WAITLIST rejection with characteristic nonchalance and indifference.Nose up ole chap!

Many patrons of Wild Bills bar on Banff Ave. have along with ‘what’s with the bear jokes’ said of your jests, that they are of a meaning so attenuated that “nothing lives ‘twixt them and nonsense”: — they hover on the very brink of vacancy, and are in their shadowy composition next of kin to nonentities. It is impossible for anyone to go beyond you without falling flat into insignificance and insipidity:you have touched the ne plus ultra that divides the dandy from the dunce. But what a fine eye to discriminate: what a sure hand to hit this last and thinnest of all intellectual partitions! Exempli gratia — for in so new a species, the theory is unintelligible without furnishing the proofs: —so my dear A Hardon MacKay take the rejection as a sign of greater things to come and as you know you will always have an unpaid place in the studio of Court Painter: the preeminent political and celebrity portraitist of the Great Dominion.

As someone once wrote on the head of a pin .’The ideal is everything, even in frivolity and folly.’