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Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly has been silent on the goings on in the Great Dominion, so far!

 The Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre suggested to reporters that security officials have been leaking allegations about election interference to the media because they “must be very worried about how the prime minister is working against the interests of his own country and his own people.”

“And so they are so concerned about how the prime minister is acting against Canada’s interest and in favour of a foreign dictatorship’s interests, that they are actually releasing this information publicly,” he said Tuesday.

Prime Minister Trudeau in Wednesday’s question period said it was “despicable” for an MP to question the loyalty of another member of Parliament.

“To suggest that anyone in this house isn’t devoted to serving Canadians, and keeping those who serve Canada in dangerous positions safe, is quite disgusting,” he said Wednesday during a rowdy exchange with the opposition.

The Conservative leader responded that “no drama lesson” would distract him from his questions and, again, pushed for more information about the alleged funding.

The Prime Minister suggested a recently announced special rapporteur and two intelligence agencies are better placed to look into what kind of information was shared with whom.

Excerpted from CBC news report March 8/23

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