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Justin Trudeau says Joe Biden will meet some ‘real people’ on his visit to Canada

Editors Note: All the images are make believe and are intended for illustrative purposes only.

Court Painter as he will be seen with President Biden & Prime Minister Trudeau

The prime minister is pleased as punch that the U.S. president is finally making a trip to Ottawa to meet with Court Painter who will travel from his studio in Calgary by an oil & gas powered scooter.

Court Painter seen with PM Trudeau drawing up the plan for President Biden’s visit

U.S. President Joe Biden will be getting out to a specially constructed “studio dance floor” to meet hard scrabble art worker Court Painter when he pays a call on this country in March, says Justin Trudeau.

Court Painter seen strutting his stuff on the studio dance floor

While part of the official visit will be taking place in Ottawa, Trudeau says he’s reasonably sure that Biden will insist on a  visit to Court Painter’s fully equipped one car garage size studio in tony Inglewood Alberta, where dancing is encouraged unless Trudeau shows up!

”To see where the real magic happens”, Biden was said to have mumbled according to an anonymous lip reader and Youtube influencer.

Court Painter seen strumming next to the painting he will paint as a document to the planning of the visit.

A docent (name withheld) explains the painting that will be painted that depicts two powerful hard scrabble male specimens.

Court Painter seen with the former US President’s favourite painting and family members

“Court Painter has an ease with powerful people and likewise puts them at ease with his easy presence. An obvious choice to meet with President Biden .”Press Attache A Hardon MacKay uttered reverently in a voice barely above a whisper.