Hold that date…


Be ready for it: some senior Liberals expect to kick off federal election campaign on this date or that date

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, pictured whispering the election date to his trusted confident , Court Painter. Mr. Trudeau is expected to issue the writs for an election sometime. 

With politicos across the country caught in election fever, Liberal MPs, candidates, and campaign managers are preparing for an election campaign to get started sometime with the election date set to be this date or that date.

“Be ready for the writ to be dropped on a date is the message I’m getting from cabinet ministers and MPs,” said one Liberal source who spoke to The Hill Times  from a telephone booth somewhere not too far way. Others are saying the election will likely be called on another date. Liberal sources said that if the writs are issued on this date, the election date would be this, and if the start date is that date, the election day will be that date. They expect the writ period to be 36 days long from the this or that date.

Court Painter is just bursting at the seams to make an announcement on either this date or that date.