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Former leader Elizabeth May has inexplicably remained silent!

Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press
 It remains unclear if there is any (non-criminal) organization in the world — let alone a political party, where people are expected to be conniving — that has treated its leader worse than the Green Party of Canada is treating Annamie Paul.Paul, who may or may not still even be a member of her party, has been subject to the most toxic internecine backbiting that seasoned political observers have ever seen in this country. (I say this as one who covered the Ontario Progressive Conservatives’ regicidal crusade against leader Patrick Brown in the months before the 2018 election.)It was this past spring that the Star’s Alex Ballingall first broke the story of the Greens’ undermining of their leader, the first Black person and the first Jewish woman to head a major political party in Canada.The slow-motion defenestration continued this week when Ballingall reported the party is considering reviewing Paul’s membership status (not just her leadership status).As Susan Delacourt, who covered the Liberals’ debilitating Chrétien-Martin war in the late 1990s and early 2000s better than any other journalist, wrote this week, the “Green Party of Canada is in all-new territory here.”“The assault on Annamie Paul’s leadership is now taking place [on] three fronts: confidence, cash and, unbelievably, membership in the party itself,” noted Delacourt.