Up Up and away…

For the past few weeks, the preeminent political portraitist of the Great Dominion, Court Painter; complained that his Press Attache AHM was bugging him with this question: “Had he never wanted to be up in space like the space cadets Branson, Bezos & Musk?”

His answer was simple! He bought a hot air ballon with a fully equipped floating studio to capture the grainy visions of UFOs that frequent Calgary skies.

However today was a special day and while painting a grainy UFO above the Bow River, he saw another flying object that looked remarkably like a white jet with Virgin letters on its belly, disturbing the revery of his Up Up and Away Sunday painting mission. “The object moved like a bat out of hell and as rapid as a rattle snake at dawn … unlike any other thing I had ever seen in the air or through a sewer grate. I’ll never forget the set of dentures on the guy staring out the window! Truly an otherworldly sight!”