You can’t make deals with a virus…

You can’t make deals with a virus

Politics is reactive. Politicians react to public concerns and crises as they arise. Politicians also tend to seek compromises between seemingly competing interests — such as the greater public interest in curbing the spread of a deadly disease and business owners’ interest in minimizing the effects on their livelihoods.

But an optimal public health response would be proactive and uncompromising in attacking the real problem — the virus.

Colin Furness, an epidemiologist at the University of Toronto : ”A public health approach is marked by proactive, preventative action that can seem unreasonable,” he said . “A political approach is marked by trying to negotiate between the wishes of the virus and the wishes of people, like having lockdowns take effect after the holidays.”

Trying to calibrate restrictions and policies to find compromises might have been futile. “We’re trying to negotiate with COVID and it’s not working.” 

Excerpted from CBC article by  Aaron Wherry · CBC News · Posted: Apr 02, 2021