sells the unsold…

Court Painter Sells His Entire Unsold Picture Catalog to Unknown Venture Capitalist Who Runs a NFT Digital Art Asset Acquisition Enterprise.

Court Painter sold his entire unsold picture catalog — including classics like “Connie & Donnie”,“Demolition,” “Hell & Musk” , “Dancing Couple”,”Bernie & Mitts”, “Theodore to the Rescue”,”Dogged by Ethics”,”JT embraces CP”,”Cute Couple”and” Buck a Beer Not”— to an unknown venture capitalist who heads a NFT digital asset acquisition enterprise, in the latest blockbuster transaction in the NFT digital art asset business thingy.

In its announcement of the deal on Wednesday, Court Painter’s Press Attache gave few details because he said he was blindsided by the deal and all he knew was Court Painter (unbeknownst to him), had set up the deal to sell off his “complete unsold picture collection”; which includes commissioned works that were never paid for by clients and notably include most commissions he has undertaken in his role as a celebrity portraitist for the political ,influencer & ownership classes.

The unknown chief executive of the Unknown Venture Capitalist Enterprise specializing in NFT Digital Art Asset acquisitions, called Court Painter “a masterful, once-in-a-lifetime portraitist whose remarkable body of work has generated an enduring influence on our culture and consciousness in spite of being a big time loser in the market place of art ideas and fundamental commerce.”