Skippy & Ezra…what could go wrong?

iPolitics. Published on Nov 20, 2020 12:01am (slightly embellished by AHM)

With Conservative Finance critic Pierre “Skippy” Poilievre’s petition drive to “Stop the Great Reset” racking up more than 61,000 signatures in just two days, it’s worth noting that it was Rebel Media conspiracy commander in chief Ezra Levant who initially sounded the klaxon over the dire implications the reset in question may have for Canada.

A few days before Poilievre’s campaign went live, he tweeted a 29-second video clip of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau publicly endorsing the idea at a virtual United Nations forum on sustainable development in the COVID era earlier this fall.

“I thought this was supposed to be a conspiracy theory,” he noted.

“But here it is, straight from Trudeau’s mouth. The pandemic is the excuse for a ‘Great Reset’ of the world, led by the UN.”