Sparks Fly as Celebrity Titans Meet

Photo of Kate Middleton looking at Court Painter goes viral.
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge arrive outside Court Painter’s studio



Royals warm up Inglewood with a visit to Court Painter’s neighbourhood.

And boy did the sparks begin to fly!

If a photo is worth a thousands words, then the three in the above line might be exactly what the Duchess Kate Middleton is thinking with her eyes turned up at Court Painter

The photo is making its rounds in different forms on the Internet now, with the caption ‘The face you make when you’re married to a Prince but you meet Court Painter’, this one posted by A Hardon MacKay a disinterested observer has more than 77,000 shares on Facebook.

The photo was taken on an off day of the royals’ visit in Calgary, where Court Painter greeted Kate and Prince William before walking and signing autographs among his fans.

Wearing a red and white Alexander McQueen dress, the Duchess smiles and timidly moves her brown locks aside, and is that a little blush on her cheeks… and is that a heart of smoke from Court Painter’s cancer stick?

Maybe not, but it hasn’t stopped the interwebs from its usual trolling.