What happens when Mi’kmaq exercise constitutional Treaty rights?

Lobster Catch Destroyed, Van Burned As Tensions Rise With Illegal protests over Legal Indigenous Fishery In N.S.

The RCMP were present for some of the incident but did not have official comment Wednesday morning on what happened.Which seems par for the course when dealing with illegal infringement of Indigenous rights!

HALIFAX — The chief of a Mi’kmaq First Nation says an angry group of non-Indigenous people damaged lobster pounds holding his people’s catch and burned a vehicle on Tuesday night. 

Video being circulated on social media shows a van being set alight in West Pubnico, N.S., during one of the tense encounters.

Chief Mike Sack of Sipekne’katik First Nation says damage occurred at two locations, one in West Pubnico and the other in the Weymouth area, and lobster caught by the Indigenous fishers was removed from lobster pounds.https://www.cbc.ca/i/caffeine/syndicate/?mediaId=1806607939771

“Local fishermen attacked two lobster buying facilities and did a lot of damage, burned vehicles, took lobsters,” Sack said in a telephone interview Wednesday. “Whatever they wanted to do, happened.”

Sack said two Indigenous harvesters were at the lobster pound in West Pubnico when people broke a door, a van was burned and their catch was taken away.

“My reaction is, I can’t believe how they are getting away with these terrorist, hate crime acts and the police are there,” he said.

Source Canadian Press

In the words of Mi’kmaw Senators Brian Francis and Dan Christmas:

Canada must fully embrace the spirit and intent of the ruling of the highest court in the lands in respect of Moderate Livelihood. Unless and until this occurs any sense of meaningful reconciliation cannot be realized.