social distancing prototype…

Court Painter life sized decals and banners hope to have impact as social distance marker

Court Painter posed for his gentle but firm BACK OFF JACKASS !message to social distance! He forgot his mask but it’s too late now!

Calgary— It is a startling sight as you come across life-sized Court Painter decals & banners festooned on a pub in downtown Calgary.

Images of the award-winning painter & portraitist to the celebrity and political class can be seen on the sidewalk , tables, signage and fencing of the Ship & Anchor pub in the city’s downtown, using the imposing image of his six-foot frame (estimated) to make damn sure the customers maintain their proper physical distance at all times.

The prototype initiative was developed by Press Attache A Hardon MacKay, Court Painter’s marketing guru, with the aim of injecting some seriousness into physical distancing with a gentle but firm message and hopefully getting some free drinks from the fine establishment.He expects the prototype will catch fire and pave the way for demand by social establishments across the Great Dominion.

Court Painter is hopeful this public service effort will hasten the social behaviour necessary to flatten the curve of this preposterous pandemonious pandemic and return his former drinking hole to the ignore personal space clientele coziness (his words) ,he so cherished.

That’s all we can say right now!