Updated from original post of August 18,2017

The Donald & The Bill confer on the next decorative acquisition.

 The Re-Decorating of the White House

At the White House on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Donald Trump and his family found themselves surrounded by a collection of museum-quality paintings, exquisite furniture and historic fixtures.

Trump — known for his love of grandeur and over-the-top living conditions and awakening appreciation of U.S. history– decided to change and update the residence while at the same time preserving the collection of Confederate monuments and statues that are flooding the market. As an added decor punch his private collection of flags festoon the halls of the White House. When asked about the provenance of the flags the President responded that they were all previously owned by “some very fine people.”

President Trump seen with Stephan Miller , key advisor to the redecoration project.

Most of the changes occured on the second and third floors of the mansion; the Lincoln Room and the Yellow Oval Room were to remain off-limits which prompted Trump to wryly note, “Not if I can help it.”

Taking advantage of his exclusive rights to make artistic use of the high-tech, light-reflecting paint Alt Right Bright White, President Donald J Trump gave instructions to cover over time, the entire surface of all the paintings in the White House . The result,is an ever quickening reminder to all citizens and guests what an enduring tradition the Power of White has had for the world’s Greatest Democracy. The Donald acknowledges this artistic program to Make America Bright White Again is a far cry from what citizens and tourists have come to love however he was swept in on a change vote and “change it’s gonna be.”

Jared & Ivanka install the first of the Alt Right Bright White paintings

Trump will not work with a White House curator. “To ensure the previously tainted taste of the Alt Left does not continue to contaminate the people’s house; under my guidance the suppressed history and culture of these white men, many with their pet horses will be preserved because I know history bigly, museum collecting terrifically and I am on the Alt Right side of history.”

“ The White House is a special place, and the availably of the Confederate monuments and my flag collection demand a revisionist revamp of the people’s house. History cannot be denied.” Trump said emphatically.

VP Pense applauds every decor decision The Donald has made.

Of the many pieces of art traditionally associated with the White House: the famous portrait of George Washington painted by Gilbert Stuart in 1797, and later saved by first lady Dolley Madison as British soldiers approached the nation’s capital and burned it to the ground.

John F Kelly was helpful with the new decor before he left.

In a move applauded by “some very fine people” Trump has announced that a larger portrait of General Robert E. Lee will be placed next to the George Washington portrait.

The Donald explains why the Robert E Lee painting must be larger than the George Washington
Court Painter in front of what he describes as a very distasteful commission.