21 second portrait…

Court Painter is always restless…looking for new ways to challenge his plenitudinous untapped skills.

Court Painter seen putting his brush to rest after completing a frenetic 21 second portrait of the PM

Eureka! He painted a 21 second portrait of the Prime Minister, opening the curtains for 21 seconds every 21 minutes for 21 hours per day during the 21 day exhibition period.

He would have continued with the theme but was convinced a weary public might find it hard to follow

Andrew Scheer is seen pointing to make his point.

Jagmeet Singh appears disappointed his 21 seconds are up!

A former Prime Minister also came by to catch his 21 seconds before the curtains closed!

Two unidentified celebrities seemed very pleased with the 21 second experience.
Visitors viewing the final reveal of the day as 2100 hours is approached.