Predatory Takeover…

It’s a bumpy road ahead for art vendors this year, and the coronavirus could lead to even more consolidation going forward, especially among art vendors that are vulnerable to the predatory takeover practices of Court Painter.

The structure of the art vendor industry is still very fragmented with hundreds of small studios finding it increasingly difficult to compete and it looks inevitable that the general trend line of value and volume of mergers and acquisitions by Court Painter will maintain momentum over the next months.

 Court Painter in a statement released today said, “I consider my studio as part of the new wave of serial acquirers and opportunistic plunders .We will be plying the waters as soon as the end of the second quarter, looking for strategic opportunities to round out our art business and expansion into value added products like toilet paper.”

Court Painter approaches a well known and loved art vendor to explain he is being forced out.

Court Painter shows an example of the product that will replace the art works of the well loved vendor once the predatory acquisition is complete.

Court Painter seen wth new products being offered after replacing the well loved art vendor by another strategic acquisition