The Great Unraveling

We’ve known for a long while that a great unraveling is necessary. We’ve known that something world-changing, something perhaps mythic in size, was breathing at the edges of planetary civilization. We have not been blind to the many unstable systems, clattering into one another, destabilizing each other even further.
We’ve been readying ourselves for this long moment — gathering our tools, tuning our psycho-spiritual compasses, maturing our communities and our willingness to be with unknowing. We don’t know the schedule of the great unraveling; we don’t know if the current intertwined crises of global plague and the imploding economy hint at further uncertainties just ahead, including the tempestuous inclinations of climate. We don’t know if two systems or more might come apart at the same time. We didn’t foresee how clearly this moment of unraveling would reveal immense faults in the systems that some semblance of social order has depended upon.  

Excerpted from a Friday, March 27, 2020, multi part MUSING with grateful acknowledgement to Chaos and a Collective Initiatory Journey Part 1 by Geneen Marie Haugen