continuing the Sad Tale of Tailings

Court Painter in front of his latest tailings pond masterwork.

(Alberta) More than 1.2 trillion litres of toxic sludge containing cyanide, acids, arsenic, and lead is currently sitting in enormous open water bodies. Based on the sum of all the plans, tailings volumes will continue to grow to 1.5 trillion litres. They are not projected to begin to decline until 2037.

Should Teck Frontier go ahead it is expected the project would see an additional 240 million cubic metres (about 100,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools) of fluid fine tailings accumulate on the landscape by 2037.

Premier Kenney’s photo op of the first of many tax dollar deliveries that will eventually be required to clean up the ┬ápollution that continues to expand under current regulations.

A 2018 joint investigation by 3 major news organizations and four university Journalism Schools revealed that the estimated liability for the clean up cost for Alberta “oilsands mining operations facilities” was about $130 billion.

Changing governments through weak or non existent regulations continue to back the business model of ┬áprivatization of profit and the socialization of pollution costs….see where this is going…