the ones who got away…

‘By the end of January, the 2020 Conservative leadership selection process was two weeks old and the field was settling into three strata: the front-runners, the nobodies and the ones who got away.

Almost all the big names were in the third group.’

 Source: Paul Wells, Feb 7, Macleans

Court Painter is very disappointed about the ones who got away because it means potential portrait commission fees also got away. To say he was annoyed at the Conservative Party of Canada scaring away what little celebrity candy they  possess, is an understatement!

Spitting mad and distracted by the lost sales potential, Court Painter in high pique reached way back to the fire in the belly days of  Dief the Chief  now known to millennials as the political celebrity recluse who lived in a Diefenbunker on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River. Seems the Right Honourable John George Diefenbaker once served as the Great Dominion’s Progressive Conservative prime minister and is rumoured to have sired two Diefenbabys in the olden days, way before the Antarctic temperature hit 17 .78c .