Premier Jason Kenney dismissed allegations from everybody, everywhere that the firing of Court Painter constituted political interference into the artistic freedom of a local hero.

Court Painter sits in front of locked studio eating a ham sandwich while JK  takes off with key!

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said any public backlash to the removal of the province’s artistic darling Court Painter, is due to “misreporting and opposition mischaracterization” during his first public appearance since the contentious firing took place by candlelight on Friday at dusk.

Court Painter receives news of termination by candlelight.

Court Painter was removed and his independent UCP portrait studio was shuttered and chained shut. The four remaining unpaid studio interns of the studio will be transferred back to Court Painter’s dismal one car garage studio in tony Inglewood.

Mr. Kenney dismissed sputtering into his hands allegations from Press Attache A Hardon MacKay that the firing constituted political interference into the critical painterly investigations of Court Painter.

AHM sputtering allegations into his hands

Mr. Kenney, said  the government portrait duties will now be absorbed by a new hire as promised…a local artist that nobody could pick out of a lineup…CC (name available upon request).

CC (name available upon request ) seen immediately upon being hired

Court Painter had no verbal comment but was hopping mad! (not exactly as illustrated)

Court Painter seen sulking in his Inglewood studio