The Making of a Royal Sausage…

Monarchists in the Great Dominion are very excited that a new king is about to be officially declared south of the border. DJT the First is expected to be crowned once Attorney General Barr finishes laying the groundwork. Barr has long adhered to a school of legal thought that draws a vision of uncompromising presidential power from the Constitution. That ideology, in line with the unitary executive theory, is guiding Barr to get on with it and have the President declared a King, DJT the First once the impeachment distraction proves the separation of powers thingy is soooo 18th century.

Ivanka and Jared are said to be thrilled beyond belief. The brothers Trump in a short terse statement said “Haters gonna Hate!’

Court Painter has been busy in his workshop producing masterworks to mark the occasion