Underbelly of political ambition

Court Painter seen working on a recent commission for  anonymous patron.

To examine the political life of Peter MacKay is to take a magnifying glass to the scaly underbelly of political ambition and all the intrigue that goes along with it.

Now, after some blunt comments about Andrew Scheer’s campaign performance, MacKay is once again being linked with the leadership of the federal Conservative Party.

At a post-election panel discussion on Wednesday, MacKay said that Scheer’s social conservative views were a “stinking albatross” around the party’s electoral hopes and that the scandal-plagued Justin Trudeau had presented the Conservatives with an “open net” they failed to score on.

Source :National Post Nov 1,2019

The Prime Minister insisted on adding a bit of eye candy to the seance in spite of  being challenged by an Alberta pugilist.