Down dooby doo down down


Cultural Melancholy, the subject of the rumoured reason for the broken throne and dissolution of Court Painter as one of the most successful artistic enterprises of its kind, is either in disposition or in habit. In disposition, is that transitory Melancholy which ┬ácame big time upon the Court Painter art studio with carbon taxes,sorrow, need, carbon taxes,sickness, trouble, fear, carbon taxes, grief, passion, or perturbation of the business mind, any manner of care, discontent, or thought, which causes anguish, dulness, heaviness and vexation of spirit, any ways opposite to pleasure, mirth, joy, delight, causing forwardness or a dislike. In which equivocal and improper sense, Business Magazine call it cultural melancholy, that is failure to move the product,dull, sad, sour, lumpish, ill-disposed, solitary, any way moved, or displeased. And from these melancholy dispositions no Court Painter enterprise is free, no Stoic studio, none so wise, none so happy, none so patient, so generous, so godly, so divine, that can vindicate itself; so well-composed, but more or less, some time or other, it feels the smart of it. Cultural Melancholy in this sense is the character of Mortality… This Melancholy of which we are to treat, is a habit, a serious ailment, a settled humour, as Aurelianus and others call it, not errant, but fixed: and as it was long increasing with poor sales so, now being (pleasant or painful) grown to a habit, it will hardly be removed.

Also it is rumoured a woman was involved!

They say that breaking up is hard to do
Now I know
I know that it’s true
Don’t say that this is the end
Instead of breaking up I wish that we were making commissions again
Comma, comma, down dooby doo down down
Comma, comma, down dooby doo down down
Comma, comma, down dooby doo down down
Comma, comma, down dooby doo down