Deep frickin’ Fakes

Deepfakes of Court Painter  politicians & celebrities emerge in auction houses

Though clearly meant to be honorific, Court Painter Deepfakes demonstrate how a proliferation of Court Painter copies can devalue his reputation and market value

Deepfakes —  use artificial intelligence to manipulate original Court Painter paintings into spittin’ image copies and pass them off  as the well-known commissions that Court Painter is…well…well know!(for)

The auction crowds were huge everywhere

Particular examples were clearly meant to be honorific rather than deceptive as Court Painter acknowledged in a prepared statement; read aloud in front of the underpaid  Tim Hortons staff in attendance.

“I understand fans wants to honour my best work but it’s killin’ my bottom line which at this point has no bottom but that’s another story. You can’t just have copies of my work appearing willy nilly on the high roller world art scene! The computer software to create these fakes is freely available online, which means that an increasing number of my fans have access to this technology. Many of these fans have access to social media and can distribute honorific yet fake content to dozens of auction and resale houses around the world or god forbid on Saachi’s web site. It is access to this sophisticated technology and the ability to distribute innumerable copies widely that is the threat to my upstart portrait commission business……..So frickin stop it!”

Taylor & Kate : auction assistants in foreground

Press Attache A Hardon MacKay ushered the irate Court Painter off the chair he was pontificating on… spilling his double double…while steadfastly refusing to take questions or accept answers.

Photo taken before the press conference