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New study confirms what you already knew: Court Painter fever is taking over Canada

Angus Reid study shows that 40 per cent of Canadians are following Court Painter on their favourite device or purchased a portrait for home or place of business

A new study says almost half the country is watching with joy the meteor like rise of the Court Painter.

A study from the Angus Reid Institute published Thursday shows that a full 40 per cent of Canadians are paying attention to this artist.

A group of angry Albertans who love Court Painter

That includes everyone from ambivalent Montrealers to Calgarians to even folks in the out ports of Nova Scotia and optimistic treasure seekers digging away on Oak Island.

Also on the up is Canadian confidence in the artist chances to be Canada’s rep at the next Venice Biennale

While Canadian interest in the Court Painter is undeniable, Canadians are split on the question of who is really the power behind his throne: Some say it may be his mysterious and reclusive manager and Press Attache A Hardon MacKay.

47 per cent of Canadians polled say that no, the Court Painter is the one, while 45 per cent say his odd but seemingly effective Press Attache pulls all the strings.

Missy Mayhem seen preening is rumoured to be the Eminence Grise of the entire Court Painter enterprise

Angus Reed even asked about Drake, known for being the Court Painters biggest fan, what he thought. Drake would only reply “The Court Painter is my Man”

Drake’s reaction when hearing that he had won the Court Painter lottery and would get a free sitting with the Master

Only six per cent of respondents believe that the press Attache AHM brings bad luck (known as “the Scottish Plague”) compared to 26 per cent who say he actually brings good luck.(known as “the Scottish Plague Lite”)

43 per cent say that, despite back rubs from Missy Mayhem, his main squeeze, the Press Attache’s existence isn’t having an impact either way.

The Angus Reid study also found that even if the Court Painter is not selected to represent Canada at Venice most Canadians following the artist are already satisfied with his exemplary behaviour ,massive talent and celebrity looks. Three-quarters of respondents said that it’s enough for the Court Painter to be the ambassador that he is and that they would vote for him if he ran for Prime Minister.

When contacted, the Court Painter deferred all queries to his Press Attache A Hardon MacKay. In a subsequent phone conversation with AHM all he would say is “We have a product… a very good product” and then slammed the receiver down muttering something about “…getting down to Bearly’s House Of Blues & Ribs on Barrington”.

A Hardon MacKay seen waiting to be served at Bearlys