Attention: All non paying Subscribers

Court Painter insisted that I, as his Press Attache & Marketing Guru,make  you aware of some of the services offered to our preferred non paying subscribers by The Court Painter Studio Ltd. In addition to the almost daily updates of masterworks we also are offering a comprehensive private art consulting service at competitive industry rates.

As a special thank you to our subscribers on the occasion of this new service launch, is the series :Stolen Moments of   Celebrity Lives in an unsigned edition of 25,000. Based on original hand crafted paintings, Court Painter has authorized reproductions to be printed in stunning monotone: 5 stolen moments of intimacy, reenacted by two mystery celebrities who remain to this day: celebrities and mysterious!


COURT PAINTER ADVISORY provides independent curatorial and art advisory services for private individuals, museums, corporate elites and institutional collections. With the expertise of the Court Painter, who’s  ideas are intellectually and conceptually bold and technically accomplished , you can’t go wrong.! His aim is to facilitate the relationship between the Court Painter and collectors, institutions and art venues, thereby enabling him to offer an impressive portfolio of services for his clients worldwide at competitive industry rates.

Due to a high demand on our services, please be patient. The line is long and our expert assistants are working like monkeys

To facilitate all of your inquiries,you can be assured that we will eventually get back to you. Please leave us your land line numbers and home addresses , off and on shore bank accounts and social security numbers as we prefer to do things the old fashioned way so that you will be satisfied the old fashioned way and can then sit back with that old fashioned response  “Ahhhh!”

Editors note: Court Painter insisted on writing most of this himself…what can I say!