Not so great umbrage

Michael J. Cooper  Conservative MP  represents the riding of St Albert-Edmonton . Cooper serving as vice-chair of the Standing Committee on Justice & Human Rights was removed by party leader Andrew Scheer after Cooper confronted witness Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council president Faisal Khan Suri in a manner that was considered offensive by reading into the record a passage from the Christchurch Shooter’s Manifesto — which has been banned in New Zealand.

The committee suspended its hearing before returning to the witnesses, after which Cooper offered a tepid apology.  He said he would withdraw his comment, saying the witness should be ashamed, “but certainly not the rest of what I said.”

What got Cooper’s baby blue conservative knickers in a knot was the witness drawing a link (among others) between “conservative commentators” and the online history of mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette at which Cooper expressed ‘great umbrage’.

The head of the Alberta Muslim anti-racism advocacy group questioned what Cooper was doing with the manifesto. “That manifesto should not be in the hands of any Canadian whatsoever. That is the most grotesque thing that I could ever see… Why would I even want to have or read a document that somewhat dignifies and justifies the murder of 51 innocent people?”

Cooper remains in Scheer’s shadow cabinet as deputy justice  critic.

quote source: Altha Raj Huffington Post