No Apology Police Merch


Halifax’s police chief has issued a formal apology to Nova Scotia’s black community today over the practice of street checks, describing it as a first step to counter a series of historic wrongs.

The Board of Police Commissioners was somewhat concerned that the No Apology branded merchandise had become unsalable until one bright light pointed out that it would be wise to sit on it since another No Apology occasion was sure to arise at anytime in the future.

(The Halifax Regional Police merchandise online site actually exists)

Posted May 21, 2019

Members of Nova Scotia’s black community say the refusal by Halifax Regional Police and RCMP to apologize for street checks  speaks volumes.

Street checks (carding) allow police officers to document information about a person they believe could be of significance to a future investigation, and record details such as their ethnicity, gender, age and location.

In March, a report by University of Toronto criminology professor Scot Wortley found black people in the Halifax area were six times more likely to be street checked by police than white people. The report also found random street checks contributed to the criminalization of black youth.

To acknowledge the report the Halifax Regional Police Apparel web site is featuring a new line of NO APOLOGY merchandise for all products on offer.

Justice minister Mark Furey doesn’t have an apparel web site however he is rumoured to have bought a number of Classic T Shirts for his staff and Bistro mugs for the Premier and cabinet.

The Board of Police Commissioners members reportedly are big on the Fleece items as gifts and family wear.

The short sleeve maternity T Shirt is a winner!