Please note: John Bolton left the administration as National Security since this item for first posted May 15,2019 and before these recent events with Iran.

President Trump has been criticized for many things however one that surely verges on being  unAmerican is his delay and failure to start his own military war…one that he can stamp with his own brand (or is it brand with his own stamp) in the grand tradition that many (all?) American presidents of the past have done.

Is there anything more Presidential one might ask?

Perhaps the 45th US President and accomplices in his administration could use some of that old American get er’ done, know how to make a big war attitude before the election in 2020…. Iran perhaps?

Although it takes many people besides the President to succeed with an operation of this seriousness ; key players playing on the war drums and eager to serve would come from National Security Advisor John The Bomb Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompous Prick Pompeo and Vice President Mike Pious Pasty Pense who could assemble without difficulty, Bible passages to explain the rational for going to war and sooth those families of the fallen and the wounded bodies and souls upon their return.

This is just speculation of course based on history!