turn hurt into hope, he said…

Conservative opposition leader Pierre Poilievre gave a statement after his regular Friday night painting class …

“I have never seen so much hurt and so much pain and suffering in our population during my nearly two decades in politics,” he said.

“So sure, let’s tell people to be more civil. But as political leaders, let’s actually try to solve the problems that have upset and angered and hurt people so badly. It is our job to turn that hurt into hope.”

He went on to say how much the painting class allowed him as a political leader to express his inner antagonisms and turn hurt into hope!

trying to makes sense of it all…

Court Painter locked himself in the studio and after a feverish burst of picture making asked himself in the sweat of exhaustion and a tone both plaintive and pleading; ‘what sense does it all make when the best I can hope for is $49.99 per painting on the open market ?’

The Deputy Prime Minister watches as the Prime Minister runs out of nickels
The former Prime Minister orders takeout for the crew.
Pierre tells the story of the broken man on a Halifax pier
Jordan Peterson explains his video lighting techniques to the Court Painter
Premier Smith reacts to Mr. Peterson’s advice
Premier Danelle Smith seen with chief consultant
Court Painter takes a breather with a beer!

A movie reference…

Reposted December 21/23

Former President Donald Trump seethed over a New York magazine article which painted a grim portrait of his post presidential life, and launched a highly personal attack against the writer.

Olivia Nuzzi’s article took a devastating look at Trump’s day-to-day life at Mar-a-Lago, following his announcement that he’s running for president in 2024.

Intrepid reporter Olivia Nuzzi seen at her typewriter

Court Painter seen with portrait of Diva Donalda

The Donald took on the name of Diva Donalda Desmond for his Sunset Washington role

The article notes that Sunset Boulevard is one of Trump’s favorite movies, and it likened the former president’s fall to that of the movie’s antagonist, Norma Desmond.

‘Do you remember how Sunset Boulevard ends? Norma Desmond shoots and kills the writer, a fraudster who has fallen under the spell of her charisma, just as he summons the courage to walk away. Her sycophantic butler flips. There are no enablers left to protect her. A final fantasy, a fake movie set, is staged in the mansion’s entryway. The lights go on, and she is lured before the cameras, where the police are waiting to haul her away.’

The Court Painter Studio Enterprise partnered with venture entertainer Sean Hannity to finance the film Sunset Washington starring Diva Donalda Desmond.

Court Painter got really ginned up by the article and feverishly dashed off some images.

It was all over the tabloids
Donalda ever the Diva
Melania was costume designer
Diva Diva
Diva Diva Diva

Entertainer Sean Hannity seen taking on the role of Director.

Capitalism at its best!…

Editors note: This text was definitely not written by ChatGPT, an artificial-intelligence chatbot

Sometimes a story comes along that makes the heart of capitalism beat faster , its lungs fill with optimism more quickly and its bowels birth turds of tumescent opportunists fully formed! 

Both CP & AHM , to the manner born capitalists, were nobodies in 2012. Now look at them.

Court Painter has built a terrific brand awareness. Tremendous mindshare. That kind of emotional equity is hard to find in a brand. Even competitor CC (name available upon request) at his peak couldn’t touch the kind of metrics that Court Painter hits day-in, day-out.”

That’s been the story of 2022.

Happy Holidays to those who never stop believing in the promise of the grift.

The Big House interiors…

Court Painter dipped deep into the archives to reintroduce images from July & December of 2018 and November of 2020, exploring “the architectural renderings of Big House interiors.”

He went on to say,”I am so appreciative of those family members who reluctantly but bravely posed as models to give human scale and a lived in look to the interiors.”

Mr Wonderful…

Venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary aka Mr.Wonderful seen with his $15 million smackers paid as a spokesperson for bankrupt crypto exchange FTX

Venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary aka Mr. Wonderful who took an equity stake and became a spokesperson for the now-bankrupt crypto exchange FTX testified at an US Senate crypto hearing Dec 14/22.

In testimony at the Senate hearing Mr. Wonderful says #Binance intentionally put FTX out of business.

US Senate crypto hearing ,Thursday December 15/22 Click link for Mr. Wonderful’s opinion !

Many informed financial experts and most savvy housewives are of the opinion that Kevin O’Leary is a duplicitous blowhard and that Binance didn’t put FTX out of business. FTX put FTX out of business because it was a giant fraudulent operation.

breaker breaker…

The federal government awarded a contract to provide and maintain RCMP communications equipment to a company with ties to the Chinese government, Radio-Canada has learned.

The contract has security experts raising concerns about potential Chinese access to RCMP communications and data.

what’s CP watching…

Even studioholics, like master paint handler Court Painter, need a relaxing diversion on occasion. He’s become a fan of a recent up beat yet obscure film with cameo’s of the ever miserable and hard scrabble projections of Jordan Peterson plus friends…a real treat for lovers of the imaginary film stills of existential grit & grind! (apologies to filmmaker Béla Tarr & others)

Court Painter seen with fellow filmgoers.
Pierre Poilievre, ever the opportunist sneaks in an interview
Court Painter’s attempt at a metaphorical painting!

Flame out…

Alberta changing sovereignty bill to reverse provision giving cabinet unchecked power

“If we caused some confusion by some awkward wording, then let’s clean it up and then be able to talk about the bigger issues,” Premier Danielle Smith said in the midst of her major legislative flame out!

Premier Danielle Smith with her first flaming piece of legislation!

Political scientist Duane Bratt said it’s a positive step for the bill to be amended to remove the sweeping powers to cabinet. 

But Bratt said the change is not a tweak, the bill has become a confusing mess, Smith did not seem to understand the legislation she was introducing, and the entire affair raises larger questions about Smith’s competence in the top job.

“How did this get in the bill in the first place?” said Bratt, who teaches at Calgary’s Mount Royal University.

“Wouldn’t they have read it? Wouldn’t they have noticed this? This is damaging to have to backtrack. These are major reversals on her signature piece of legislation. (No matter) whoever wrote it, at the end of the day her name is attached to it. She’s the one who introduced the bill. She has to wear this.” 

Source : Canadian Press Dec 2/22

Premier Danielle Smith poses with her first smouldering piece of legislation

Court Painter flanked by glowing portraits of Alberta Premier Danielle Smith