The twit & the free bird? …


Scott Galloway on Elon Musk, Twitter, and the “False Flag of Free Speech” | Amanpour and Company

Apr 26, 2022

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has reached a deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion. He says his goal is to bolster free speech on the platform. What does this mean for the future of one of the world’s most influential social media sites? Author, entrepreneur and professor Scott Galloway speaks with Hari Sreenivasan.

Meanwhile in more recent news:

Court Painter confronted Elon Musk about his intentions with purchasing Twitter and what he would do about allowing one of Court Painter’s major non paying clients back on Twitter

As the discussion continued it became more tense when CP introduced his painting of The TwitterStorm Trooper to the new Twitter owner Elon The Twit Musk …according to an observer familiar with the situation.

Party line…

Court Painter surreptitiously monitoring the Party Line conversation.

A party line (multiparty line, shared service line, party wire) is a local loop telephone circuit that is shared by multiple telephone service subscribers.

The party line on a particular issue is the official view taken by a political party, which its members are expected to support.

Conservative opposition leader Pierre Poilievre seen in animated chat about bitcoin & his hate on Trudeau and the media.

Premier Smith eagerly shares the news of the arrival of her new uniform.

Saskatchewan Premier Moe explains the appearance of a special murderous guest to the legislature’s recent Throne speech.

Peoples Party leader Maxine Bernier is often on the line to help maintain right thinking morale and guidance.

Former PM Harper often provides party line message discipline on the party line.

NS Premier Houston apologizes to his colleagues for mistakenly acting like a Progressive Conservative

NB Premier Higgs reiterates he wants to talk about the upside of fracking.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford explains how parliamentary privilege can be used to avoid being publicly accountable.

Conservative party leader Candice Bergen reminds everyone on the party line that her MAGA hat is still on her office hat rack.

Alberta Premier Smith listens momentarily to others on the party line before becoming angry at Trudeau.

Alberta Premier Smith laughs out loud at her clever characterization and dismissal of journalism as entertainment.

Ontario Premier Ford declares Ottawa, Windsor as expunged…

Emergencies Act inquiry a federal matter, not a provincial one, Doug Ford says

Ontario Premier Doug Ford defended his decision against testifying at the public inquiry into the federal government’s use of the Emergencies Act in the provincial legislature Tuesday, saying the inquiry is not a provincial issue.

He expanded upon this assertion explaining that by mental powers invested in him he can expunge any cities within provincial jurisdiction and that a Premier can therefore expunge troublesome issues “even by thinking about it.” (guess who else has those powers). He forthwith expunged Ottawa and Windsor from Ontario’s responsibility retroactively effective February 1/22 ) thus freeing him from appearing at the Emergency’s Act Inquiry and dealing in matters that are not on his property and none of his concern.

Rumour is he is considering accepting them back in the fold after all that Emergency’s Act bother gets settled without his help but only if they behave themselves in future and the federal government reimburses his government big time for all the trouble.

Court Painter reminds those who have forgotten that the Ford family has a legacy…

Great Dominion sightings…

No matter where you go in the Great Dominion , you may encounter premiers, prime ministers, wannabe premiers & wannabe prime ministers…in common ordinary circumstances as befits the modest Canuck character. Blending in is the name of the game…modesty is the hallmark …soft lighting in harsh environments is crucial to each and every one as is their incremental exposure to the common people.

Scroll down through a baker’s dozen + one and revel in the the intimate pictorial glimpses of just a few of the personalities that anchor the Great Dominion’s political class…breath deeply and count your blessings…or not!

Court Painter took the day off from painting…he is suffering a day of unworthiness and is disturbed about the rumour that Einstein was wrong!

Premier Ford showing PM Trudeau the right jab he picked up from his street dealing days.
Premier of Ontario takes a few moments to contemplate his favourite CP painting.
Premier Smith holds up reflection of wannabe Con PM PP.
Wannabe Con PM PP checks his modest lunch in the presence of Premier Smith’s poster.
Wannabe Con PM PP ,always working the phones.
Wannabe Con PM PP caught in a moment of drama.
Alberta Premier Smith seen taking advice from her éminence grise , Max Bernier
Eminence grise, Max Bernier & wannabe Con PM PP seen yukking it up with Premier Smith
NDP national leader Jagmeet Singh says a little prayer for colleague. Alberta NDP opposition leader Rachel Notley
The Conservative Frolics
Premier Ford is flanked by a quizzical Premier Smith & a tense PM Trudeau in a tableau that poses more questions than answers
The image of swirling autumn leaves features the centrality of Premier Smith with wannabe Con PM PP on the stage right flank and Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley positioned on the left . Premier Ford skulks in silence at the edge.
Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley interprets Premier Smith’s wave as hello/goodbye!
Premier Smith has been advised to keep her bag packed in case the chinook winds change!

who me?…

Premier Doug Ford called to testify at Emergencies Act inquiry

How is it possible that Premier Doug Ford could testify when he didn’t see anything, didn’t hear anything and can’t speak.

Commission says it sent Ford ‘repeated invitations’ to testify

Excerpted Source: Darren Major · CBC News · Posted: Oct 24, 2022 3:06 PM ET | Last Updated: 32 minutes ago

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has been summoned to testify at the inquiry looking into the federal government’s use of the Emergencies Act in response to the protest convoy that descended on Ottawa and a number of border crossings last winter.

Ford and Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jones — who was the province’s solicitor general during the protests — have been asked by the commission to appear a number of times, according to a letter from the commission’s legal counsel which was provided to CBC.

“It was our hope that Premier Ford and Minister Jones would agree to appear before the Commission voluntarily,” the letter reads.

“However, given that the repeated invitations were all declined, the Commission has issued summons this day to Premier Ford and Minister Jones.”

The letter contradicts what Ford has said in recent weeks when asked why he wouldn’t be testifying.

“I have not been asked,” Ford told reporters during an unrelated press conference last week.


Court Painter has a habit of whipping off a bunch of paintings in anticipation of Christmas sales at the local farmers market.Unfortunately in the past his choice of subjects were not big sellers however he is pumped up about his “sightings” choices this year.

He said as an aside, “I know Canadians are attracted to American content plus eye candy is the magic ingredient for brisk sales.”

The prodigious prognosticator pundit…

Prognosticator and his crystal ball

Court Painter, after receiving his prognosticator fee, explains to all clients that in the spirit of fairness it would be unseemly to reveal his prognostications in advance of the people having spoken and thus become known as a spoiler.

It is rumoured among the chattering class, Court Painter refuses to be bought off by the multitude of pollsters who can be depended upon to reveal contradictory and often flat out wrong daily mixed poll results to anxious citizens !

Court Painter only accepts reimbursement from politicos who seek his clear eyed glimpses into the future.

an honour bestowed so soon…

Special commissioned article. by noted art critic Rick “Dinger” Bell, Calgary Sun ,paid for by The Court Painter Enterprise Inc.

Court Painter, gets Premier Designate Danielle Smith’s blessing, the biggest of all boosts

This is the part of the movie where the momentum builds.

You expect the moment. You’ve heard something is coming.

You know, it’s when someone gives you the head’s up. Make sure you’re there. It will be worth it.

Then it arrives.

Court Painter, the celebrity portraitist and gadfly gets the endorsement of newly minted UPC leader and Premier Designate Danielle Smith.

No one can mistake the message. Premier Designate Danielle doesn’t mince words.”Court Painter is the beating heart of Alberta art and the Great Dominion’s nouveau unifying conservative painting guy of the moment.”

The Premier Designate Danielle Smith love comes just a day after her coronation as UPC leader/ premier designate and Court Painter’s rather opportunistic on the heels announcement that he will undertake to work towards having one unifying conservative art practice, with him as the head practitioner, ready to lay waste the pinko socialist unionized art imposters that had taken over the ripe for capitalization Alberta art market.

Friday night this early act of political theatre came to Court Painter’s Inglewood studio.

In her short address to the sparse but enthusiastic crowd, Premier Designate Danielle wants to take “a little moment for Alberta and the Court Painter.”

Here it comes.

She says conservative art unity practice has remained elusive in Alberta “with terrible consequences.”

“That must change,”Premier Designate Danielle intones.

Now she sets up for the climax.

Premier Designate Danielle says she believes even painters of wild roses want a conservative art practice of unity.

Then the message writ large comes down the pike!

“Someone has stepped forward to bring an agenda of a conservative art practice of unity and free enterprise change to the Alberta art scene. Court Painter paints it like you grievously feel …not like it is. ”

Over the cacophony Premier Designate Danielle says ,” here is a principled, thoughtful and highly capable conservative portraitist and unifier. He paints what you feel you want, he paints it like it is what you feel you want, he leaves no grievous feeling unwanted.”

Here we go.

She asks all grievance stricken citizens to join her and work to support Court Painter in his role as the Great Dominions preeminent portraitist of pompous political personages and soon to be painter of those consumed by grievance.

Cue the standing ovation.

Naturally, Court Painter is over the moon and wants to share that feeling.

Cue the drum roll!

Is that the free enterprise cavalry we hear saddling up?

They shake hands, give hugs, pose for selfies, eat their post convention grub and marvel at Court Painter’s proof of concept drawings that depict the essence of grievance and privilege in flourishing oil washes and deep blacks made from old growth forest charcoal.

Court Painter is all smiles.

He smiles a little wider now.